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  • Christina P. Seattle, WA 3/29/19

I would highly recommend going to see Sarah if you have struggled with injuries that have not improved with traditional physical therapy or orthopedic care. She has allowed me to gain an awareness of my body and how I move. This is so empowering in the face of injury and struggling with daily life activities and exercise. She brings her full personality and sincere presence to her work. I have learned so much and have recommended her to friends living with chronic pain. Of note, none of this was taught to me in medical school.

  • Micah B. Seattle, WA 3/6/2019

Sarah has always helped me to better understand the anatomy and mechanics of a problem area when I come in and provides services from muscle manipulation/massage to corrective exercises and balance evaluation. She is amazing.

  • Teena M. Seattle, WA 2/16/2019

Sarah is the best physical therapist I have ever had.  She has a keen knowledge for identifying muscle imbalances in the body, and providing exercises that help correct issues.  Not only does she help with some targeted massage and exercises that helps to relieve a lot of my hip and back pain, we continue to work on strengthening the whole body.  She demonstrates the exercises and works with you so you learn how to do them correctly.  I am constantly learning new things from Sarah.  Highly recommend!

  • Andrew B. Seattle, WA 12/22/2017

Highly recommend Sarah - amazing practitioner who blends her professional skills with intuitive and caring understanding of the body. In my very first session I was amazed how she was able to pinpoint the root of my pain in ways that I could never have predicted. In addition, she is so comfortable and fun to work with!


  • Alex A. Seattle, WA 11/13/2017

Sarah is the real deal. I have been an athlete my entire life and continue to lead a very physical lifestyle that has led to some chronic issue. I've been to several PT's, masseuses, and sports medicine clinics over the years and more so with Sarah do I leave feeling better and with superior understanding of what's going on in my body. She has the skills to figure out your imbalances and the strength and technique to work them out. During my first visit I was having chronic shoulder pain from work, and after one session it never came back. That was over 6 months ago. I have been back since, she is great!


  • Manoe W. San Francisco, CA 9/22/2017

When I started working with Sarah, I was in pretty sorry shape. Having been quite athletic most of my life, I was coming off of years of inactivity, with some periods of being bedridden, due to health problems. I could neither sit nor stand nor move without significant pain. Since one is usually sitting or standing or moving, I was dogged by quite a lot of pain, most of the time throughout my day. I was unsure what I could even do for a living that wouldn't exacerbate this pain, and I didn't feel that I had many options. 

Sarah had a unique way of sizing me up as a patient and it felt at times as though she was using a "sixth sense" to evaluate my needs. Her method of working on me was equally intuitive. She might re-position a vertebra here, loosen up some abdominal tissue there, get a foot moving properly, and, after only a few sessions, my physical condition was feeling much improved and was walking miles at speed again, and the pain was gone! 

There was an incremental process toward better and better physical function, and, after some months of working together on and off, I was diving off the high dive, paddleboarding, and going surfing again! Part of what worked was not just Sarah's incredible skill as a diagnostician and practitioner, but also the way she was in my corner as an advocate for my recovery. It was clear that she really cared about me getting better and at times the conversations we had resembled what I might have with a therapist. 

The process of healing physically also entailed some emotional and spiritual work for me, and Sarah was right there with me, even doing some remarkably deep energy work and holding space with me to help me process the things that energy work brought forward. All in all I would have to say Sarah is a healer through and through, and if you and she get along the way she and I do, I am quite sure you will see dramatic improvement in your condition physically and possibly emotionally and spiritually as well, and you will enjoy the journey!


Sarah provided a Thai Massage that was truly exceptional. She possesses a good understanding of the Bio-mechanical issues facing each client and is very good at recommending additional exercises post massage. I've had over 100+ Thai massages on the floor and Sarah, due to her athleticism and strength, ranks as one of the all time best. The environment and her manner was very soothing over the 90 minute session. I look forward to a future session using Pilates and the reformer machine

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