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What does SaTaNaMa mean?

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"The light it brings, brings me to light"

This is a mantra, which is called the Primal Sound Mantra, as it consists of the 5 primal sounds: S, T, N, M, and ah.

The literal meaning is:  

Sa- birth, or infinity;    Ta- life;    Na- Death;    Ma- rebirth      ...Describing the eternal, cyclical nature of life.      Sa evokes a sense of emotion & expansiveness.

Ta creates a feeling of transformation and strength.      

Na stimulates a sense of universal love

Ma evokes the quality of communicativeness


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To me, it is not only a meditation tool, but more so, it allows me to continually reflect, appreciate, and have compassion for the changing states of nature, and of the mirroring taking place within each of us; the  continual birth, shedding, and renewal of grief, of happiness, of our expanding awareness, and of the infinite connections we all share.